Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Bundles of Hair Do I Need?

Quantity varies depending on inches and preference. Each bundle weighs 3.5 ounces no matter the length. 

We Recommend a Standard of 3-4 Bundles per install. If you are purchasing 14 inches or shorter you will only need two bundles. If purchasing a closure/frontal, only three bundles are needed. Longer lengths such as 26'+ are suggested to order four bundles if no closure or frontal is also being added. 

How Long Does MMC Virgin Hair Last?

Hair can last up to one year with proper care!

Please scroll down to view tips on how to properly care for MMC Hair and recommended products. 

Can MMC Hair Be Bleached and

Colored Without Damage?

Yes. This is 100% Unprocessed Mink Brazilian Virgin Hair. Meaning it will remain strong even after being bleached/colored. However, keep in mind that bleaching hair does make it processed which may slightly alter curl patterns. If bleaching 1b hair, only bleach to #27. If you need a higher lift, the hair may lose strength due to the heavy amount of processing. We recommend purchasing 613 hair if going for lighter colors. 

MMC Offers Coloring Services! Please Visit the "Services" page for more details

What's The Difference Between

Lace Frontal and Full Lace Wigs?

Full Lace Wigs Have a Base Made of Completely Lace. Therefore, There Is More Versatility as Far as Styles and Deeper Side and Middle Parts. Lace Frontal Wigs Would Be Equivalent to Bundles and a 13x4 Frontal. 

If I Don't Have a PayPal Account, Can I Still Purchase?

Yes. Once you select Checkout with PayPal, there will be an option that states "Pay With Debit/Credit Card." Certain credit cards are not accepted so if your purchase does not go through, please contact us through the contact form below or Text (954)641-8146. Allow up to 24 hour response time. 

How Long Is Shipping?

Shipping Is anywhere from 4-7 BUSINESS Days. Express shipping is not offered at the moment.

When Does The Site Fully Restock?

Restocks vary depending on what is in highest demand at the time. There is a restock on a MMC Product EVERY Friday Evening. Stay updated on our Instagram page or contact us with the contact form below to know which product we will be restocking on each Friday. 

How Do Pickups Work If We're In MIA/Orlando?

We travel between MIA and Orlando.

Please check our Instagram Page or contact us first to assure which location we are in at the moment.

You must order your hair online BEFORE scheduling a pickup with MMC.

Cash transactions are no longer accepted. No exceptions. 

Hair Care

  •   1. WIDE TOMB COMBS ONLY.                                                          

  •    Rat tail and smaller combs cause pressure on each strand of the bundle which results in more shedding.

  • 2. DETANGLE FROM BOTTOM TO TOP.                                                                                     Its essential that you detangle from bottom to top with your comb gently.

  • This will make it easier and ensure that you are not forcing tangles throughout the hair which can cause major shedding and tangling.

  • 3. CONDITION EVERY 1.5-2 Weeks.                                                                                      

  • Virgin hair is just like natural hair and just like natural hair, product buildup does nothing but harm to it.

  • Whether it is oil, curl/silk serums, or even just a simple lack of moisture.

  • All of this can be taken of with a  co-wash. It is necessary for MMC Hair. 

  • 4. DO NOT CUT WEFTS.                                                                         When installing with a sew in, please tell your hairstylist to use the "flip over" method and do not cut the track on the bundles. If they must, do so very sparingly and carefully. Also when sewing, go around the wefts and not through them. Cutting wefts loosens them which will leave strands falling out easier. 

  • 5. EVERYTHING IS SILK NOT COTTON.                                                             Cotton absorbs all of the moisture in your hair leaving it dry, tangled and ready to shed. Instead try using a silk scarf or bonnet to sleep and if not silk pillow covers can be a substitute.

  • 6. KEEP HAIR MOISTURIZED                                                                    Just because this is virgin hair does not mean it is to be left alone. Any curly or deep wave texture needs to be  moisturized every or every other day with just water or a dime size amount of recommended moisturizer.                

All Textures

Product Recommendations


Any closely organic or extreme light weight shampoo and conditioner will work fine but here are a few approved products. Gives strong restoring shine to the hair, softens, moisturizes, and leaves a very appealing smell to the hair. Washing does not need to be done often unless heavy product use. 


Due to location, customers in humid climates may experience frizz and more tangles behind the neck and ends than others. These are a few approved silk products that will bring instant silkiness and great luster to your hair making it more tamed and less maintenance. A little goes a LONG way so no more than a dime size amount for each. 



This texture is the most maintenance but does not need an excess amount of products. Here is a curl activator & leave in conditioner that can be used either in the morning or night for routines, detangling methods, etc.Conditioner can also be used as a moisturizer.





Texture Maintenance Details

Mink Brazilian Straight

1. Brush out while drying (Air Dry For Best Results)
2. Wrap Hair EVERY NIGHT. 
3. Little to NO Product on this hair 
4. Use a Silk Serum to help with any Frizz
 (See product recommendation section above)

Mink Brazilian Loose Deep & Body Wave

Mink Brazilian Curly & Island Wave

1. All Curly Hair is High Maintenance

2. Constantly crunch hair up & down while co-washing for best result

3. Air Dry ONLY

5. Always Wrap Hair at Night Either in Braids, Twists, or Pineapple Method

6. DETANGLE! Every 2-3 Days. Starting from bottom to top. This is super important for curly hair!

7. Constantly keep hair moisturized every day 

(Product Recommendation section)

8. Little to NO Product is requested

1. Very Important that you SCRUNCH Hair Up & Down

    Constantly While Co-Washing to Keep Curls


3. Only use silk products recommended

4. Detangle Every 2 Days

5. Sleep With Hair in Twists or Braids

6. Low Maintenance